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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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america on this tuesday morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> some goodness. it stretches of may weather in mid march. for temperatures in the 70's today. news.e good tuesday, march 13. i am steve cheveney. >> i am pamela brown. we start with the wonderful springlike forecast with adam caskey. outside.great >> [no audio] it is a little damp outside now.
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lower southern maryland there sans southng showers warrenton, light rain pushing fredericksburg. all this is moving east and out of here later this morning. it is 52 degrees in college park, 59 in winchester and leesburg. it will become partly cloudy. then another chance of a few s or thunderstorms later midday into the early afternoon around from noon until 4:00 p.m.. temperatures well into the 70's today. fifties tonight. well into the '70s tomorrow. degrees above average. nothing but sunshine on thursday.into temperatures drop a few degrees with added clouds. better chance of showers and thunderstorms friday afternoon possible lingering into saturday. >> travel times look great. across the american 270 betweene, on
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y boulevard and the beltway. wet, but wee all good shape.y no accidents. 66, everything in our favor centreville and the beltway. good to and from the of daleridge and out city to get to the beltway. this picture is out of focus. no amount of 95 is open from --ington to the beltway 95.hbound back to you. >> thank you. it is a crucial debt. republicans in alabama, mississippi, and hawaii will decide who they want to take on president obama. between nam lece gingrich in alabama and mississippi. rick santorum is running third. ron paul is not really competing in those states and. mitt romney which is either alabama or mississippi, it could appealhat he to the conservative base. >>
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people in mississippi and alabama want a conservative nominee. >> this could come down to a between three running most aggressively. >> of four republican candidates, running as a clear path to get the delegates needed win the gop nomination. a new poll found most republicans would be satisfied romney as their nominee. you can get the latest results on our sister at 6:30news channel 8 tonight. >> president obama and the british prime minister will have about over the next couple days. the two will discuss in afghanistan, syria, and other foreign policy issues. cameron's visit begins tournament game in ohio tonight. and the president will hold a the primeer for his wife tomorrow night. >> hundreds of afghans streets.g in the
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militants also attacked a delegation visiting the site of the massacre. defense secretary leon says that the unidentified soldier could face charges. he recently suffered a head injury and was also trained sniper. >> a serial arsonist will be sentenced this morning in d.c. superior court. was arrested in july. 5e pleaded guilty in to effor parsons in the metro area including non-consent firefighters to the hospital the wrongful death case against virginia tech could go to the early as today. but first to the commonwealth witnesses. they believed that the first were an isolated .omestic incident they believed it did not pose a
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campus.the water wider campus. in d.c. there were arrests in stolene of the electronic devices. raids plays throughout the city at places that traffic stolen items. >> we're learning more about the accused of plotting an attack at the university of maryland campus. 19-0 alexander song was arrested posting messages on line. cracked under the weight of social and economic pressure. misdemeanor charges not have anyd weapons online. >> 60 degrees. >> it feels nice. >> shaping up to be a great day. a hard braking >home for a marine killed and a line duty.e mon
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>> and who went home with the ring on the bachelor? >> and the next round of rain.
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>> welcome back. it's tuesday. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we start with adam caskey. there are a few raindrops, but sunshine is on the way i. >> it could be a beautiful day. he grounds as moisture -- has moisture. still some rain falling mainly lower southern maryland and south of warrenton. this is pushing off to the east morning.s temperatures are around 60 degrees. i will put this in motion to see the direction of grain is moving. west toalmost due
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east. overnight rainshowers mainly area.of the metro even locally we have some of that action. on the left side of the screen back edge of the cloud. behind the clearing line we will sunshine later on today. clear conditions in the of the country. a high-pressure system will be over us later today. we will enjoy that today but especially tomorrow and thursday. it is 58 at reagan national, 61 in manassas. cumberland, 52. highs today in the mid to upper 70's. thunderstorms later this afternoon. in the fifties tonight. tomorrow, mid to upper 70 is still with total sunshine. >> we love that the rain away most of the construction crews. they are calling it a day.
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we are getting ready to hit the road. much to talk about. take you live through some pictures. complicated to report at glebe road. light traffic and a little wet pavement and a little road spray. start for the most part. no accidents on the beltway. interstate travel in our favor. t of the norm for metro rail. back to you. >> thank you. looks like a bachelor may love.ound his true >> will you marry me? of course i will. i love you so much. >> the proposed to courtney robinson during the two-hour finale. he chose her over the fans' favorite. there's no word on when they plan to get married. i always wondered what he thought when going back and
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episodes?he >> you never know. we will find out soon enough. 2.'s tuesday morning, 4:4 more red lights cameras coming to a d.c. suburb >> . and health risks of sugary drinks. new warnings. >> we are suffering just as much the rest of the town. >> showing pride in purcellville. day virginia town paid tribute to a fallen hero. buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand.
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checking our top stories, in alabama, mississippi, d what he will decide which they want to take on the president. t race between romney gingrich in alabama and mississippi. romney could ease he could satisfy the base.ican >> a soldier who went on a spree in afghanistan is a trained sniper according to reports and may have been from emotional problems. in the district of columbia conducted raids
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arrests involving electronics, 16 made.s >> people and parcel bill lined the streets to honor a hero. he was killed timber a 22 when e helicopter he was piloting collided with another in arizona. quin.n michael >> i need to respect those wh servero. he is a hero. the whole community. graduate of2002 school and he was 28 years old. be heldisitation will next tuesday. the will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery the next day. >> a 28-rural man is in police killing a 21-d month-old boy.
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the d.c. man is facing felony charges for the deaths of kiante moore. he is the boyfriend of a mother. no word on a motive. a tragic end for a missing toddler in new jersey. found a two-year-old girl dead in a septic tank. she had been reported missing about three hours earlier. investigators say may have a hole.into >> a man accused of sexually abusing a child and posting the video on the internet has been arrested. used to work as a child after a man who used to a child advocates of the video, he did some digging. >> federal officials say the
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sharing ona facebook led to his arrest. the picture from northern , that led us to a social networking sites -- the from northern virginia called and lead us to the social website >> . they got countless facebook likes. >> without this story getting would havemedia, we not had those leads. >> the suspect is accused of producing multiple pornographic involving a young boy. the allegedly filmed them to access to an underground but child pornography network. in thisut public help
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case it would've taken much must --longer. >> this captor not only protects but could lead to an of another child predators. >> amazing they were able to andk him down in california him within 48 hours. this is out the public can use media to catch predators like this one. >> we hope people keep doing it. 7 on your side with news that could affect your diet. a reason to stay away from .urgers and bacon could take years of your life. just one serving of red meat per day and increase your risk of disease andeart cancer. are not sure what
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makes red meat so dangerous. you may want to also avoid sodas and sports drinks. if you drink just one of the day have an increased risk of heart disease as a man. artificially sweetened beverages d not increase the risk of heart disease. >> drivers, get ready for more cameras in arlington. police want to install eight new cameras at six intersections. them are at relatively intersections that you can see on the screen. it still needs approval. if it does give approval, thee's no word on when cameras would be installed. >> time to a check on traffic we do every 10 minutes. >> absolutely gorgeous weather. the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom a little. >> a little here and there. charity in the backyard blooms a couple weeks before they do in the tidal basin. they are budding. probably by the weekend we will
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have the blossoms. e in theerry tre backyard. >> bring in a picture. >> i will. definitely not. mchenry, just over a quarter of intervene overnight. frostburg, 0.06. under a 10th of an inch accumulations in helen and the same in triangle. we have at light rain, not amounting to much. lingering into the calvert northernarris county, neck. farther south of the metro. that is moving out of town. spotsylvania getting a little morning. that is pushing to the east. the clearing line is not far to r west, moving toward the shenandoah valley. skies will clear ones that
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arise. l have a fair amount of sunshine today. of patchy fair weather clouds by the midday and afternoon. midsection of the country, clear conditions. we will in july total sunshine by tomorrow. springlike temperatures. now, 58 in the district. inat dulles airport, 52 cumberland, 60 in hagerstown. highs today of 77. between 1:00storms at 7:00 p.m. with a southwesterly wind. dental sunshine tomorrow. the '70s. looking at 70 is all week long. 20 degrees above average. let's go to lisa. >> on the highway this morning, light volume. this is college park. overnight construction has been way to,out of the particularly not the one in
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had the beltway closed near 395. the green light for you on 95 baltimore.hmond and back to you. >> thank you. 60 degrees. >> coming up on this tuesday the white house weighs n the off-season controversy. what president obama says
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>> time to let the madness begin. .arch madness beginning tonight western kentucky meets mississippi. and then later vyu. those games to be held in dayton, ohio. the action really heats up on thursday and friday. as far as football, peyton take his talents to a denver next year. aret is what broncos fans discussing. they're asking broncos fans to who should be their season.ack next most fans are sticking with tim tebow. even the president is weighing in on it. >> peyton manning is one of the time.f all i know the broncos are going
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after him pretty hard. anybody would be lucky to have him. peyton manning has also met arizona cardinals, miami dolphins, and tennessee titans. in high demand. >> we should find out in a days. tuesday, 60 degrees. >> still ahead, one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 hitting the big screen. we will show you
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